Darning & Repair Service
Darning & Repair Service
Darning & Repair Service
Darning & Repair Service

Darning & Repair Service

Due to volume we are only accepting in-store drop offs untill mid-July

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  • Our repairs are performed on a second generation Singer 47w70 from the 1940s, one of the original workwear repair machines. The darning machine "weaves" new fabric into the denim resulting in seamless repairs, as opposed to the bulk added by patchwork. We use Indigo thread for our repairs so that the repaired area will fade and blend into the denim over time. We also have black thread available for black denim. When repairing, we try our best to anticipate future damage and reinforce areas as needed. Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of each job. Please send us an email at repairs@blueowl.us after purchasing to confirm your repair request.

    • $50 base price (plus any associated shipping fees, sales taxes, and or additional repairs)
    • All pricing estimates are subject to change
    • Denim must be freshly machine washed and completely dry prior to sending out
    • Any patches or home-repairs must be removed prior to sending out
    • Turn around time is 1-2 weeks excluding shipping
    • In-store drop-off and estimates are also accepted 
    • Please specify special instructions in the notes section during checkout
    • For particularly extensive repairs, please email repairs@blueowl.us
  • By checking the terms and conditions agreement I accept the following :

    • Denim is either 100% cotton or at maximum a 2% stretch blend
    • BOW points may not be redeemed on repair and hemming services 
    • Denim is freshly machine washed and dry prior to sending out
    • Additional charges may be applied 
    • All repairs are temporary and are subject to wear and tear; as such, there is no guarantee on how long a repair will last
    • If the denim is sent to us dirty, Blue Owl will send the denim back at the cost of the buyer with an additional $5 service charge
    • Blue Owl and its employees will not be liable for any further loss or damages to the denim
    • Denim will not be released until all fees are paid