War Bonnet Sock in Clay
War Bonnet Sock in Clay
War Bonnet Sock in Clay
War Bonnet Sock in Clay

War Bonnet Sock in Clay

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  • The War Bonnet socks from CHUP are soft full-length socks inspired by traditional Native American feathered headwear. Crafted in Japan, these socks utilize a Spring blend of soft multi-colored yarn and feature the signature hand linked toe design.

    • Repeating Native American style pattern throughout
    • Made from a varied mix of colored yarn
    • 43% cotton, 43% acrylic, 13% nylon, 1% polyurethane
    • Made in Japan
  • One size.
    Fits US 9-12.

    For details about how we measure our garments visit the measuring guide.

  • Crafted by the textile house Glen-Clyde Inc., CHUP socks have become a workwear icon since their debut in 2009. Famous for their incredible durability and colorful patterns, each sock is expertly handmade in Japan and designed with the utmost attention to detail.