Fade Museum

BOM001 15.7oz "Midnight Warrior"

worn 3 years
soaks 0 // washes 10
worn by Kevin Wright
date accepted 3/3/15

The first installment in the Momotaro x Blue Owl collaboration series, the BOM001 "Midnight Warrior" was the 15.7oz denim that started it all. This pair, in fact, was the original sample pair, lovingly worn by Blue Owl's own Kevin Wright for 3 years. Sewn using Momotaro's iconic Vintage Label series fabric in an updated skinny fit, the denim was detailed with black "Going to Battle" stripes on the back pocket. This pair of jeans makes it easy to see why Momotaro's Vintage Label fabric is widely considered one of the best fading denim fabrics in the world today.