Fade Museum


worn 1.5 years
soaks 0 // washes 6
worn by Nitin Perumbeti
date accepted 1/21/15

2010 marked the year of our first and only collaboration with Triple Works by Iron Heart - a 15oz sulphur-dyed black denim with a contrasting white weft. This pair from Nitin Perumbeti is a great example of the ash grey tone that a white weft can give aged black denim. Standout signs of wear include the top block, back pockets, and interior pocket bags which at one point displayed a Triple Works x Blue Owl stamp but has been faded to be next to invisible. Over 6 years later this denim remains one of our favorites in our museum.

No longer available.
triple works raw denim faded front and back
triple works front whiskers fadetriple works coin pocket detail shotraw denim metal button patinametal button patina detail shotblack denim crotch repairblack selvedge denimdenim back pockets with tonal arcuatescowhide leather patch patinaarcuate detail shot