Fade Museum

14.5oz Portola Black Selvedge Denim - Tapered Fit

worn 1 year
soaks 0 // washes 3
worn by Markus Alexander
date accepted 9/23/18

Freenote's 14.25oz black selvedge denim is woven using a sanforized denim fabric from Yoshiwa Mills in Osaka, Japan. The boutique mill specializes in producing unique small-batch fabric runs, each with ample texture and character. Worn daily by Markus Alexander, these well-faded jeans have been on multiple motorcycle rides with Alexander and were worn regularly as work pants. Interesting details on this pair include a darning repair done at Blue Owl, patina on the exposed rivet on the back pocket, and an evident streak gained through the texture from the Japanese milled denim. 
Freenote portola black 14.25oz denim faded
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