14oz "Low Tension"

worn 2.5 year
soaks 0  // washes 4
worn by Michael Hughes
date accepted 9/23/18

One of the first collaborations between Japan Blue and Blue Owl the JBO-0212 Low Tension shows the beauty and dramatic changes that come out in double indigo denim over time. This pair worn by Michael Hughes was purchased his sophomore year of college and worn through until graduation. Given 4 machine washes, Hughes, decided to finally retire his beloved jeans once they begun to nearly fall apart. This pair of Japan Blues have seen the United Kingdom 3 times, 2 Coachella trips, and 1 Sasquatch festival to round them out.   
Japan Blue Owl denim fades 2 year 4 washes
Japan Blue Owl whisker fading raw denim metal button patina honeycomb raw denim fades
worn in raw denim cuffs selvedge
Japan Blue Owl rear pocket fade
jbo-0212 rear pocket patina