Fade Museum

Naked & Famous 
12oz SuperSkinnyGuy Selvedge Denim

worn 2 years
soaks 0 // washes 6
worn by Christopher Miller
date accepted 9/22/18

The extremely unique Sumi Ink selvedge denim from Naked & Famous is made from indigo 12oz selvedge denim fabric, that has been coated black in Sumi ink. Sumi ink is the ink of choice for many Japanese calligraphers and artists thanks to its rich black colour and slick texture. This pair, worn daily by Christopher Miller displays the beauty of the different dyes used as well as the characteristics that he has ingrained in the threads of this denim. Including multiple home repairs, this well-worn pair has blips of the Sumi ink popping out in densely dyed areas. The denim itself features multiple details that have developed like a fine wine( *Italian Chefs Kiss*) such as the cordovan shell patch which has grown to develop a soft and supple feel; as well as the Sumi ink died stitching which has stood the test of time and perseveres 5 years past purchase. Miller works as a metal fabricator, and through his daily routines, the denim shows evident signs to attest to the laborious efforts attributed to his job.
Naked Famous Sumi Ink Denim Faded
Whisker fading and lap tears on naked famous sumi inkSumi ink denim back pocket bag fading naked famous Front lap whisker holes Naked Famous Naked Famous home repairs on sumi ink denim Cuff fading on Sumi ink denim Naked Famous selvedge Shell cordovan leather patch fading on naked famous denim sumi ink