Fade Museum

Rogue Territory 
16.75oz Slub Stanton Selvedge Denim

worn 2 years
soaks 3// washes 3
worn by Zach Adams @Zachxa
date accepted 9/23/18

The 16.75oz slub fabric from Rogue Territory is the brand's famed heavyweight fabric, known for its unique fading characteristics. This fabric is woven with a unique weaving technique that increases the irregularities in the fabric, which contribute to the high-contrast fading patterns that are often associated with this particular fabric. This pair worn by Zach Adams is a product of a work-heavy lifestyle, the Florida heat, and distinctive weaving process employed by Rogue Territory. Worn for 2 years, Adams has gone through the trenches in these jeans. Most of the wear and tear is attributed to Adams lifestyle working in a warehouse maneuvering parts for airplanes, and skateboarding. 
Faded rogue territory slub stanton with home repairs
rogue territory 16.75oz whisker fades detail of whisker fading
rogue territory raw denim knee rips
knee rips on raw denim
faded raw denim selvedge cuffs
back pocket raw denim fade
raw denim honeycomb fades rogue territory stanton
patina on rogue territory stanton leather patch