Fade Museum

16.5oz Gustave

worn 3 years
soaks 1 // washes 4
worn by Lionel Santoso
date accepted 4/19/17

From the iconic Cone Mills of Greensboro, NC comes Tellason's signature 16.5oz heavyweight fabric -- a denim rich with character and details. This all-American denim is a perfect example of the beautiful blue color synonymous with vintage Americana. This particular pair returns home from a 3 year stay in Australia, where Lionel Santoso lovingly wore the pair 4 days a week. The denim displays signs of wear throughout, but is noticeably striking in the honeycomb region behind the legs, where high-contrast waves adorn the acclaimed Cone Mills fabric. Multiple repairs were performed to extend the life of the denim, as seen at the knee and pockets.