As the self proclaimed “Center of the Universe,” our neighborhood of Fremont has no shortage of landmarks to see upon visiting. From world-famous sandwich shops, to nationally acclaimed breweries and coffee shops, Fremont owns its fair share of national and local favorites alike - including a popular garden store that placed its roots into Seattle soil over 40 years ago. 

Since 1970, Indoor Sun Shoppe has been Seattle’s go-to store for all indoor garden and growing needs. Set directly across from the Fremont Canal, the store features a wide selection of indoor plants, succulents, and grow-related equipment for projects and living spaces of all sizes.

Upon making your way down N Canal St., peer around the corner of Phinney Ave N. until you are greeted by a welcoming front patio of weathered wood and towering greens. Inside, a blast of warm air sets the stage for an atmosphere reminiscent of a rainforest, with succulents around the permitter of the store, and larger plants in the center. In addition to plants, Indoor Sun offers a large variety of ceramics and pots to store any new additions to your home or garden, as well as fertilizer, soil, and high intensity discharge lighting.