Nestled inside a humble building in Tokyo’s bustling shopping district of Shibuya lies the store Mister Hollywood, an ode to classic, vintage themes built around modern design. From the outside, the store resembles that of an old roadside motel just off the strip of Sunset Blvd., dressed in sun-aged paint and flickering string lights, fitting for a storefront with the given name. Inside, the stark contrast of white decor and black finish against exotic wood sets the stage for a surprisingly clean aesthetic and layout of clothes. This carefully crafted store design serves as the perfect visual metaphor for designer Daisuke Obana’s retro-inspired, modern-aesthetic, N. Hoolywood label.
Starting as a buyer of vintage clothes for a local boutique, and eventually the owner of vintage shop “Go-Getters,” Obana has been obsessed with vintage fashion since the mid 90s. This love eventually culminated in a trip to Los Angeles, for the sole purpose of buying vintage clothing. It is here that Daisuke Obana earned the nickname he proudly displays on his storefront, “Mister Hollywood.” In 2000, Obana took his passion one step further and created the N. Hoolywood collection. Derived from the words “Hollywood” and “hooligan,” Daisuke’s vision was to create a brand using the vintage themes he loves so much (Hollywood), built around a modern silhouette to better suit today’s fashion world (hooligan). Almost immediately the brand began to receive critical acclaim for their unique take on timeless pieces, and their willingness to use rare and unique fabrics typically suited for other garments. This recognition has brought Obana the opportunity to work on a number of high-profile collaborations with well over 20 companies, including Champion, Converse, and Levi’s. 

Beyond just the design of the garments, Daisuke has prided himself on developing functional pieces that can last well into the future, the same way that many of the timeless, vintage designs that inspired the N. Hoolywood brand have lasted. For this reason, all N. Hollywood pieces are made with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, right in the heart of downtown Tokyo. This approach is seen throughout the fall/winter 2015 collection, in the form of heavy flannels and vintage-style wool crewnecks, that are designed to be worn until they too become vintage themselves. Check out the N. Hoolywood designer tab for more information, including the first batch of products from the fall/winter 2015 collection.