In celebration of our recently released collaboration with Momotaro, we have put together a number of looks complimenting our favorite color for this fall, in our aptly titled collection, "The Black Book." In this special edition Style Guide, we highlight a number of the newest entries to our shop, alongside some of our favorite fall staples from previous years, as styled on members of the Blue Owl Workshop team. Through fabrics, textures, and materials, we hope this collection of outfits highlights the versatility of black garments for this season and beyond. We hope you enjoy "The Black Book" Style Guide.

Jacket: N.Hoolywood | Shirt: N.Hoolywood | Pants: wings+horns | Sneakers: wings+horns 

Vest: Canada Goose | Sweatshirt: Reigning Champ | Sweatpants: wings+horns | Sneakers: wings+horns


Jacket: 3Sixteen | Shirt: wings+horns | Denim: Naked & Famous | Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers x Blue Owl Workshop Collaboration

Jacket: wings+horns | Sweater: N.Hoolywood | Denim: Momotaro | Sneakers: wings+horns 

Parka: Canada Goose | Denim: 3Sixteen | Boots: Oak Street Bootmakers 

Jacket: Eternal | Shirt: Naked & Famous | Denim: Naked & Famous | Shoes: Mr.Olive (in-store only) 

Jacket: Rogue Territory | Shirt: wings+horns | Boots: Wolverine