January is here, and with January comes snow. Lots and lots of snow. Whether you're living in Minnesota, or hitting the slopes in the mountains, when the snow hits, you'll need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Fortunately for you, we've put together our five favorite items to help you survive whatever the winter throws your way, in the first-ever "Blue Owl Workshop Guide to Surviving Snow." 

Whether you’re hiking your favorite mountain trail or spending a weekend in Whitefish, a great trip needs an equally great bag, like the “Wilderness Rucksack” from Tanner Goods. Based on 1970s Swiss military canvas fabric, the new Salt & Pepper fabric is woven from flax and nettle fibers, rather than cotton, and coated in durable water repellent for even more water/snow resistance. Like all rucksacks from Tanner Goods, the bag is fitted with genuine leather detailing, solid brass hardware, and wool lined shoulder straps for extra comfort when carrying. It also comes fitted with a central compartment large enough for a weekend’s worth of gear, and a wool lined laptop sleeve so that you can edit photos on your Macbook regardless of your location. Oak Street Bootmakers x Blue Owl Workshop “Commando Trench Boot”

As a child, there’s nothing more exciting than waking up to fresh snow. What was supposed to be a day spent working on multiplication tables and sit-ups has now turned into snowball fights and Super Nintendo. But as an adult, fresh snow brings a number of new morning headaches, like, how much longer will my commute take? Do I have enough food to last through a blizzard? What on earth do I wear to work? Your sneakers won’t cut it, your snow boots are overkill, and your daily leather footwear is too soft to handle temperatures below freezing. You need something that’s sturdy, water resistant, and equal parts as suited for the office as it is the mountain. Fortunately for you, that’s exactly the criteria we had in mind when we developed our most recent collaboration with Oak Street Bootmakers. The “Commando Trench Boot” in Black Waxed Flesh is a heavy-duty boot designed for exceptional functionality in harsh weather environments. The large World War II-era Commando soles provide extra grip against wet surfaces, and the strength and size of the sole makes it easy to trek your way through patches of hardened snow. Furthermore, the boots are made from Horween’s new Waxed Flesh Chromexcel leather, which is a heavily waxed rough-out leather designed for improved water resistance and durability against snow. It’s the sharpest way to keep your feet warm and dry this winter.

Canada Goose “Chateau” Parka

There comes a point on every thermometer where layering just doesn’t cut it anymore. No amount of loop wheeled cotton, American duck canvas, or side zips will protect you in temperatures that start with a minus sign. For extreme conditions, you need to reach into the closet for a jacket capable of handling the worst of what Mother Nature has to offer. For all of your cold weather needs, look no further than Canada Goose. The brand of choice for scientists in Antarctica, Canada Goose has been a pioneer in cold weather outwear since their debut in 1957. The “Chateau” Parka is the brand’s signature full length jacket built from premium duck down inside a cotton/polyester shell, which is then finished with a genuine coyote fur trimmed hood. Unlike many cold-weather pieces, the face of the jacket is clean and minimal, instead placing the majority of the pockets on the interior of the jacket, and at the waist. The length of the coat hits just above the knee, providing ample warmth for more than just the upper portion of your body. Easy to layer and warm enough to throw over a light sweater (or t-shirt if you’re in LA), the “Chateau” is perfect for combatting the cold winds of downtown or a snowy weekend in the mountains.

Studio D’artisan “Kasuri” Yarn Knit Cardigan

If staying warm this winter simply just isn’t enough, the “Kasuri Yarn Knit Cardigan” from Studio D’artisan is the vibrant piece you’ve been looking for. This indigo-dyed spectacle is sewn using a mixture of vintage sewing techniques like cable-knitting and cross-knitting, which gives the cardigan an irregular texture and homemade feel. The cardigan is made from a mixture of wool and acrylic fabrics, creating a beautiful garment that is every bit as comfortable as it is warm. The fit is loose and perfect for layering, and features a 6-button closure atop a luxurious shawl collar style. Of course, due to the high count of indigo-dyed yarns, as this cardigan is worn it will take on its own unique color character, which looks especially animated paired against the snow.

Japan Blue 16.5oz “Monster” Series Selvedge Denim

Of course, for extreme temperatures, you’ll need yourself a pair of jeans strong enough to handle the frigid cold. For this, our denim of choice is any of the incredible options from the Japan Blue “Monster” series. The famed “Monster” fabric is a 16.5oz selvedge denim, which is heavy enough to provide extra warmth for your legs, and flexible enough for hikes through the mountains. The fabric is known for its exceptional texture and fading properties, and is available in a number of fabric options from the classic indigo/white to indigo/blacks and broken twills, making it the perfect option for any wardrobe or style. The jeans are fitted with classic Japan Blue details, including the iconic blue inseam thread used throughout the brand’s products. The “Monster” series is also available in a variety of fits, ranging from Skinny, to Tapered, and even the new High Tapered fit, which is perfect for anyone who bikes, lifts weights, or hikes enough to need more room in the thighs. It's the perfect all-purpose cold weather denim.