Naked & Famous
"Loomstate Tenpi" Made in Japan 3 16oz Selvedge Denim
Slim Tapered

We are proud to formally introduce the newest entry into the Naked & Famous Made in Japan series - the 16oz "Loomstate Tenpi" Made in Japan 3. This beautiful greencast denim is made from an extra neppy 16oz denim fabric that has undergone the same Tenpi treatment as the previous two installments. The subtle sea green tinge will progressively age to a unique aqua blue color with wear. The MIJ3 is available in the same Slim Tapered fit as the previous Made in Japan installments.

The Made in Japan series from Naked & Famous is using the rare Tenpi wash treatment. This treatment preshrinks the fabric via a single cold dip, which is then dried in the sun, keeping the starch in tact, and creating a unique wrinkled texture that will smooth out with wear. While painstakingly tedious, the treatment is beloved for its ability to preserve the natural state and beauty of the denim fabric. The denim is fitted with signature Naked & Famous details like custom hardware and rivets, and even includes details like hidden back pocket rivets, and a thick natural leather patch featuring a rendition of the Naked & Famous logo re-designed by famed comic book artist Alvin Lee.

This installment of the Made in Japan series uses an extremely unique 16oz greencast denim. The fabric features a subtle sea green tinge, which is just enough to stand out against the other two Made in Japan series fabrics. This particular fabric has been woven slowly on a vintage Japanese shuttle loom for a slubby an extremely neppy feel, as seen in the above photo.

For more information on the Naked & Famous Made in Japan 3, including measurements, please see the respective product page.