Since 1972, Seilin Co. has been a staple of Tokyo’s bustling shopping district of Shibuya, with their flagship store Hollywood Ranch Market at the forefront of the district’s many vintage-inspired retail spaces. The store features a rustic exterior fitted with old western motifs such as acoustic guitars and banjos, displayed alongside well-curated art of the old west. It’s visuals like these that set the stage for garments designed by any number of Seilin Co.’s brands - mostly notably BLUE BLUE.

With BLUE BLUE, Seilin Co. ventures beyond western-inspired clothing and into indigo-dyed garments through a mixture of knits, shirting, and outerwear pieces that have all been designed to compliment the spirit of individualism Seilin Co. was founded on. Many of BLUE BLUE’s garments use unique fabric blends, dyes, and in some cases, recycled material to construct pieces that are all rich with details and craftsmanship. With BLUE BLUE, Seilin Co. is able to incorporate much of its western-inspired identity into new interpretations on classic pieces.

Seilin Co. has long prided itself on an emphasizing individuality within the workplace - at times even allowing employees to create jobs within the company that otherwise did not exist. This concept has carried over to BLUE BLUE’s garments, where each and every piece is carefully considered within the frame of the collection, and continues to be a central component of the design process for all Seilin Co. brands.