We are excited to introduce our newest brand: Shoes Like Pottery. 

Since 1873, Shoes Like Pottery has been handcrafting canvas sneakers in their Kurume, Fukuoka studio. Each and every sneaker is forged using the ancient Japanese technique "Ka-ryu" - a vulcanizing process that includes firing the outsoles in a kiln, giving each pair a unique texture and finish akin to artisan ceramics. 

Each shoe is finished with the brand's signature stamp logo - a wax decal of the legendary magic hammer, "Uchide no kozuchi." Legends say that when swung, this mallet grants the wishes of its holder and everlasting luck. It is believed that this hammer was held by the Japanese deity, Daikokuten - one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology. 

Footwear from Shoes Like Pottery is easily identifiable by their trademark blue under-soles, which provides a subtle splash of color to the classic canvas sneaker design. Each and every shoe is made using a durable canvas fabric that will get progressively more comfortable with wear and take on a texture of its own unique to each shoe. 

We are thrilled to feature three classic low-top sneakers for our inaugural shipment, with more styles on the way. The white, black, and indigo colors have all been curated to compliment a wide range of styles and wardrobes, and join our growing collection of footwear here at Blue Owl Workshop.



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For more information on Shoes Like Pottery, send us an email or tweet us your questions on Twitter.