visvim fw19 editorial blue owl

Lhamo Shirt in Blue Indigo visvim

visvim Skagway Hi Patten in Purple

visvim Christo 2-Tone Sandals in Black

visvim Lhamo Shirt in Green Indigo

visvim Skagway Hi Patten in Black

visvim Skagway Hi Patten in Black

Conceptualized in the year 2000, visvim®'s longstanding reputation for quality and inventiveness stems from designer Hiroki Nakamura's fascination with old-world craftsmanship and vintage Americana. Drawing aspects from Japanese design, American workwear, and Native-American aesthetics, the streetwear legend goes through painstaking processes to produce each garment, amassing global acclaim for the quality of all things visvim®.