orSlow Japanese Americana editorial lookbook

orSlow 107 corduroy pant and loopwheel hoodie

orSlow 107 corduroy shoes like pottery high white 01jp

orSlow corduroy french work pant fall winter 2021

orslow fleece jacket fall winter 2021

orslow khaki fatigue

orslow 2 year wash 105 denim japanese raw denim

orslow 105 2 year wash and military fatigue jacket fashion


Japanese Americana mainstay orSlow brings a plethora of corduroys and military inspired cloths for the brand's Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Styled in the brands signature New Yorker, 107, and French Work Pant, orSlow utilizes fine wale corduroy in three versatile fits. The antithesis of fast-fashion, orSlow is renowned for its unique brand of "slow fashion" -- a signature style that prioritizes construction and timeless designs in lieu of trends.