BOW Points


Blue Owl offers a rewards system called BOW Points. You will receive, for purchase at or above $100 made online and in-store, BOW points towards future purchases. Customers are rewarded with 10 BOW points ($10) for each $100 of product purchased per order. BOW points are earned per order by an increment of $10 per a $100 purchase. For example, for a purchase of $199, the customer will earn 10 BOW points or $10 to be used on the customer's future purchase. If the same customer on a later occasion, makes a second purchase of $101, then, the costumer will earn 10 more BOW points, with the customer's total BOW balance resulting in 20 BOW points ($20 to be used on the customer's future purchase). As you see in this example, although the total dollar amount purchased by the two orders is $300, BOW points are earned and recorded per order, and only 20 BOW points are earned based on the dollar amount on each order, not the cumulative dollar amount purchased. BOW points have no expiration date. BOW points continue to accumulate on each purchase until the customer chooses to apply their points for a discount. BOW points cannot be redeemed for cash and have no monetary value; BOW points are intended to provide a on a future purchase as a reward for our repeat customers.

To use your BOW points, or inquire on your current balance, please send an email to [email protected] before making your purchase. BOW points may be used on any purchase on products of regular value. BOW points cannot be applied to sales items or used in combination with any other discount or promotion. Service charges such as shipping, hemming, and taxes are also excluded from this reward program. You do not earn any BOW points on a purchase, for which you use any BOW points. The BOW point system is tracked separately from the online store, and cannot be automatically applied.